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November, 2002

Hey Buds,

I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me! Last time I wrote I was getting ready to head out to San Francisco for some filming, appearances, and fun at the Folsom Street Fair. It was an awesome JAM-PACKED trip!


The main reason I jetted my way out west was to work on Raging Stallion’s FistPack 2: Assmaster. John Karr from the Bay Area Reporter called FistPack 1 the best fisting film ever made, so I was a little nervous! But as soon as I walked into the RS Studios and saw all my friends again, it was just like being at home. People who’ve worked on other sets always remark about how great it is to work at RSS. Being surrounded by caring people who are dedicated to making you look good and feel sexy helps you open your heart, and when you can do that, your energy and passion just naturally rise to the surface and the film looks great.

We had an amazingly fantastic group of pig-souled men to work with: Carlos Morales, Riley Porter, Bruce Jennings, Tom Vaccaro, and newcomers Tony Serrano and Fyrefli. I can’t say enough about what a pleasure it was to be with them -- they totally swept me away! Jammer highlights to look for: me jackin’ out a double shot in the middle of an orgy, my dildo-stuffing/self-fisting combo solo, and a spectacular scene with Tom Vaccaro pile driving his arm up my hole while I hang from the ceiling! I couldn’t have done it all if the company wasn’t so inspiring.

The rest of my time was filled with appearances. Smoldering Michael Soldier and I tag-teamed as RS reps at an adult video store owners’ trade show. (We wore these awesome “Stick It In!” MonsterBang #2 tank tops that all the straight female talent kept begging for!) The next day Michael Brandon, Monster and I premiered SexPack 9 with a little live sex show onstage at the Nob Hill Theater. Later that night I headed out to Magnitude with studly Bryce Pierce and aforementioned pile-driver Tom Vaccaro. (There I was in the middle of the dance floor when all of a sudden a three-story projection of my ass appeared on the wall, courtesy of party co-sponsors Titan Media!) And then there was the big day at the fair, where I was humbled to meet so many of you.

There’s so much great stuff to tell and not nearly enough room here to do it. I promise to give you a detailed trip journal in my next web update.


Speaking of web updates, when I got home from SF I found that I no longer had a web site! It’s a long story, but basically my ISP disappeared for about ten days. It’s back under new management, but I had to reload and rebuild a whole bunch of stuff (including this mailing list), so there’s not nearly as much new stuff here right now as I would have liked. Despite all that, I’m proud to announce that Hunkhunter’s has selected me as a preferred haunt and GayFuckSites gave me five stars (a very rare honor) for outstanding design!

What’s new this time around is that I’ve opened up my PX and Bondage sections. Bondage is where I put my favorite links. This is a temporary page, but I wanted to at least get something up while I work on the real thing! Consider it a preview of what will eventually be a very comprehensive annotated guide to cyberspace for the discriminating sex pig.

PX is my store, where I sell the fantastic fuck toys that I designed for Square Peg. I’m riding one of ‘em, the Jammer 2, in the FistPack 2 solo that I described above. These are the shapes that satisfy my hungry fuckhole, so I’m sure that they’ll feed your needs, too! (After all, I’m test ‘em a lot just to be sure…) This part of the site sports my new logo and is the beginning of my evolution toward a new design. Let me know what you think.


Michael Soldier called me the other day to tell me that he had just watched our scene in the new Hot Hand (Falcon) release Wristrider and that it was absolutely incendiary! If you saw our critically acclaimed work in SexPack 7, then you’ll have an idea of what to expect because we shot it at the same time. Imagine the two of us passionately, wordlessly fucking all brutal-sweet on a mountainside, surrounded by pines and lit by the orange setting sun. It’s a jaw-dropping piece of beautiful butt kink! And yes, that is my ass with his hand in it on the cover. Now only if I can get my face on a box cover! ;)

Just in time for the holidays, Bruno Gmuder has released a stunning erotic art book of Brian Mills’ portraits of actors from Titan’s Fallen Angel film series. It’s truly amazing, and I’m honored to be included. Both a large format and an abbreviated postcard version are available.

The great people at Maleflixx.tv wrote the other day to say that they’ve just added SexPack 9 (the one that premiered at the Nob Hill while I was in SF) to their online pay-per-view video catalog. For only a couple bucks, you can a great wank right at your computer. Sometimes it’s fun to be able to keep both hands on yourself instead of a keyboard, you cybersex pig, you!


To close, I just wanted everyone to know that I’ll be spending my (US) Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada at one of North America’s premiere leather events, the Mr. Leatherman Toronto Weekend. If you’ve ever even considered going, you should! The city is a jewel; the men are extraordinary; the events are world-class; and if you’re from the US, you can’t beat the exchange rate! There’s something wonderfully open, fresh, cosmopolitan and sexy about the men in Toronto. That’s probably why so many have special places in my heart.

On Saturday, November 30, I’ll be featured in a panel discussion entitled “SM: A Roadmap to Ecstasy II.” Here’s how it’s described in the program:

How have others arrived at a spiritual experience of SM? How can SM be an initiation into a deeper part of the self? What does SM have in common with rituals of other spiritual traditions? How can spiritual awareness enhance our sexuality? Join with practicing "elders" from varied traditions and experience in a rare public forum the opportunity to explore these and other questions. Panelists include: Enzo Husain (Ph.D.), Rik Jammer (porn actor), Nancy Irwin (aka Naughty Nancy) and Rev. Troy Perry (founder MCC).

It’s an amazing panel and I suspect that we’ll have a provocative discussion! The event takes place at the Ramada Hotel & Suites Downtown Toronto, 300 Jarvis Street (at Carlton), from 1:30-2:45. Seminars are free with an MLT VIP Weekend Pass, or $10 CDN each at the door.

As I gather with my birth and chosen families to break bread and make love during this Thanksgiving holiday, know that I am profoundly grateful for the brotherhood, support, kindness, energy, passion, kink, and ecstasy that we have shared over this past year. It means more than you’ll ever know!