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September, 2002

Hey Pig Buds!

I’m a coupla a weeks back from a ten-day holiday in LA and Palm Springs. I gotta say that it was a damn awesome trip! I got to spend time with guys that I love (and a few new friends too) having the kind of sex that just sends you. You know, the kind where you’re able to make both the carnal and emotional connections, the kind that’s so good that you want to laugh and cry and scream and spurt all at the same time? If I had my wish, it would be for everyone to be able to experience this sort of transformative beastly love every day of their lives.

So, anyway, while I was in Palm Springs, the guys at GayMart USA recognized me and pulled me aside to show me my listing in the new Adam Gay Video 400 Porn Stars book. (Now that’s a great way to make a sale!) Here’s what the AGV editors have to say about me:

Sex-crazed Rik Jammer inhales dick like oxygen. Our only experience of him so far is LA Sex Party, and there’s not a moment where he isn’t completely involved either in front or in back – and often both. This superb sexualist is a Raging Stallion exclusive. Judging by some of Rik’s video titles, his pain threshold is pretty high!

Aw, thanks guys! I’m flattered! And I could use a little oxygen right now, if you know what I mean… <eg>

And speaking of pain thresholds (and my vacation), I’ve put up a new gallery of the demo that I did with my friends Bryce Pierce and his partner Glenn for the Zeus/Faultline parking lot party that closed out this year’s Sunset Junction Faire. Check out the pix in my Peepshow pages. Special thanks to extraordinary bondage artist Van Darkholme for sharing them with me.


Since the last Jammer News, two more of my films have been released: Nasty Sex Fights 1: Ass Whipped and SexPack 9: Fire in the Hole. The former is a wrestling fetish feature, but with full-on hardcore sex too. It’s from Can-Am, the company that’s legendary for its muscle and wrestling erotica. I’m paired with the hunky, versatile Aaron Tanner. It was cool making this one because they had a real live WWE-type coach on the set teaching us how to do nasty things to one another. Just so’s ya know, I let him win! <eg> I also deliver a triple cum-shot, my first ever! I just hope they caught it all on film…

If you’re familiar with Flogd & Fukt, then you’ll know my scene in SexPack 9 – it’s the ‘fukt’ part! I can’t blame them for using some of that footage over again. It was really hot! Of course, like all of the other SexPacks, this is a feature from the company that I work for, Raging Stallion. And also like all of the other SexPacks, it’s a great movie! How Chris Ward manages to keep this series so consistently hot and sexy is beyond me. I will always feel lucky to be on his team and to have him as a friend.

You can read more about these films on my Videography page.


And speaking of the Videography page, I’ve redesigned it! Now you’ll find more information and reviews, plus the chance to see free previews, watch films online, and buy them from my TLA Video store. Besides TLA, I’ve partnered with Maleflixxx.tv and Titan to bring you these features. When you make a purchase from one of these vendors, they make a contribution toward the site, and that helps me keep it running for all of you.

And now for a word about commercial relationships. I want you to know that if I ever recommend a place for you to spend your hard-earned smut dollars, I stand behind it 100%. It’s a quality organization that provides a product or service that I’ve tested and use myself. Take TLA for instance: I’ve been a patron since TLA stood for Theater of the Living Arts and was an actual cinema in Philadelphia (a long time ago!). TLA won Cybersocket's 2001 award for Best Adult Video and DVD store on the Web and has a huge selection — all of which is on sale every day.

Maleflixxx.tv is a new company that’s earned my respect by delivering quality on-demand online video pay-per-view services. Renting a movie from them is just like going to the video store. You only pay for what you want and there are no recurring charges or membership fees. (That’s the part that sold me!)


Before I close, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be in San Francisco at the end of the month to do more work with Raging Stallion, this time for their new FistPack series. (FistPack 1 has just been released and is getting great reviews!) Saturday night, September 28 at 9 pm we’ll be hosting an exclusive premiere party for the abovementioned SexPack 9 at the always-naughty Nob Hill Theater. Michael Brandon will be Monster of Ceremonies, so you can be sure that a good time will be had by all! And on September 29, I’ll be hanging out at the RS booth at the one of my favorite fetish events, the Folsom Street Fair. Stop by and say hi!

Until next time,