Hey buddy!

Welcome to RikJammer.com, version 1.0—our little smut house here on the web. Relax. Turn the lights down low. Pull up a chair. And get ready to let your pig out.

This web zine is for guys who get off on the same kinda shit that I do: hot muscle, tight leather, sloppy buttholes, chewy tits, warm piss, swappin’ spit, a good cigar… you know what I mean. It’s a place for sexually confident guys like us to revel in our beastliness—and for the curious ones to learn about our path.

I call it our place for a reason. Sure, it’s got my name on it and a bunch of my pics inside, but that’s only because those of you who have seen my porno work have asked me to do a site for a long time.

But I’ve got somethin’ bigger in mind.

I want us to have some dialogue, build some community. I want to know about the shit that gets you rock hard and drippin’ too! Call me a fool, but I see a brotherhood out there when we’re dickin’ around together in our sex clubs, bars, and playrooms. I think it’s because we’re able to recognize in others the same uninhibited joy we experience when we go to our own nasty sex-animal place. It makes us smile. It connects us. We feed each other. And that’s a good thing.

So I’m gonna put myself out there and share with y’all my life as a sex pig. In return, I hope you’ll tell me your story, ask questions, and help me find other ways to build this sex pig space of ours.

In the meantime, open your fly, pull your meat out, and start jackin’. Drop a load for me, buddy. And know that I’m doin’ the same!



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